Kairos – “Rebuild”

CaptureKairos is an indie rock band from Nuneaton, England. A small town in the north of less than 100,000. The city is known by locals as “Sunny Nunny,” according to Wikipedia, but there’s little that’s overtly “sunny” about “Rebuild.” The track is, however, a peaceful, enjoyable listen. “She’s just a piece of what she used to be,” a song that references Kairos’ idyllic hometown’s locale, where castles in the sand and rebuilding queens are mentioned.

The track starts with arpeggios on an electric guitar with what sounds like a chorus effect. The drums come in to provide a snare-driven march that’s smooth, not jerky. As the song unfolds, Kairos resists any temptation to build the track into a power ballad. The vocals throughout remain wistful with hints of regret. A narrator who may be looking back on a regretful episode with the wizened suggestions that only a few years can add. Continue reading “Kairos – “Rebuild””