slayyyter – “Platform Shoes”

A few hours ago, a pop artist previously unknown to me, slayyyter, released a new track called “Platform Shoes.” The release has lit up my Twitter feed. Since I had never heard of her, I initially overlooked the numerous retweets and comments. Eventually, the buzz was enough to warrant a play. I’m glad I did, you should to:

As I was preparing to write my thoughts on the song, I did a Google search for “slayyyter,” but could find nothing beyond her Twitter profile, which says simply, “im a bitch!” and her Soundcloud. On her Soundcloud, there’s a producing credit for Boy Sim. A quick Google search led me to a Facebook profile, which had no info beyond some pics and a link to his Soundcloud. Oh well, I determined this is the most indie pop imaginable. Which is partly the reason I decided to write about this song. Continue reading “slayyyter – “Platform Shoes””