slayyyter – “Platform Shoes”

A few hours ago, a pop artist previously unknown to me, slayyyter, released a new track called “Platform Shoes.” The release has lit up my Twitter feed. Since I had never heard of her, I initially overlooked the numerous retweets and comments. Eventually, the buzz was enough to warrant a play. I’m glad I did, you should to:

As I was preparing to write my thoughts on the song, I did a Google search for “slayyyter,” but could find nothing beyond her Twitter profile, which says simply, “im a bitch!” and her Soundcloud. On her Soundcloud, there’s a producing credit for Boy Sim. A quick Google search led me to a Facebook profile, which had no info beyond some pics and a link to his Soundcloud. Oh well, I determined this is the most indie pop imaginable. Which is partly the reason I decided to write about this song.

The production on display here by Boy Sim sounds world class. The vocal editing is clean with a perfect sheen. All of the synths sound up-to-date, cleverly mixed, and incorporated. I dabble in music production. The last ten years has been a revolution for music technology, and the dividends on recent developments are truly showing how much expertise someone can display in their music before there’s even good information online about the people behind.

That is, unless slayyyter and Boy Sim turn out to be pseudonyms for more established music veterans. But I don’t think so judging by the pictures I was able to find. If you have any info on this pop duo, send it to me through the contacts page, so I can do a proper write up. Until then, enjoy some fun, well-executed pop music on this late Sunday night. Or all week.

Author: dark circle datum

Ageless Music

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