Jamie Lin Wilson – “Run”

DlZfo_wU4AACl2_On August 24, 2018, Jamie Lin Wilson released a second track to promote an upcoming debut LP, Jumping Over Rocks, due out on October 28th.

The track is solid throughout. She begins with a fantastic false start intro where her band establishes the country-shuffle groove of the song, then quickly ducks out and lets Wilson’s voice shine for the first verse.

“How do you talk to a man who don’t love you, to a man who don’t listen to a word you have to say? Do you wait? Do you worry? Do you wonder what he’s doing? Do you wonder if he’ll leave or if he’ll stay?”

The band jumps right back in, and singer and rhythm section cruise along together while Wilson counts up the faults of a man. Until the first chorus where she asks “Do you run, run, run, run,” while the drummer moves to a halftime that emphasizes her sense of hesitation indicated in the lyrics. The drummer’s approach also creates a back and forth between her question and the snare: Run, smack, run, smack, run, smack. This call and response creates a great groove.

After the chorus, the band gives a prolonged turnaround, except where the next verse is expected, they deliver a honky tonk piano solo! Which is awesome, because who doesn’t love a little honky tonk? What’s even better is the rhythm section again switches up into halftime for the solo, but the pianist plays with abandon–ignoring the plodding beat way beneath his feet as he soars.

After that detour, we get the next verse from Wilson.

“When it really hits the fan, do you still try to understand, or do you paint him in a corner until he’s crawling up the wall? Do you yell until your voice is gone, cry, and try, and carry on, picking up the pieces as they fall? What do you think he’s going to do to treat you like you want him to? Turn around and call it all a dream. You ain’t dreaming and it ain’t no fun. It’s fight or flight until you’re done, but flying ain’t as scary as it seems.”

All of Kelly’s metaphors build right back into Chorus 2, which your ear hopes for satisfying halftime call and response, and it delivers: Run, SNARE, run, SNARE… A great effect after the driving imagery of the dense, pondering, question-filled verse. On this chorus, Kelly lets her voice fly with an ad lib. Her voice is great throughout, but shines here in these final moments.

The band breaks down, Kelly asks the same question that starts the song: “How do you talk to a man who don’t love you, to a man who don’t listen to a word you have to say?” The band gently releases us to the final piano chord, sustained by the gentle swell of steel guitar.

Author: dark circle datum

Ageless Music

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